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Welcome on the website of JSC «CAPITAL TRANS» - International freight- forwarding company.

Logistics as a concept originates from the Greek word «logistike», which meant the art of strategic thinking and evaluations. Principles of logistics were recently widely used in military matters, to ensure the armed forces with material resources, to keep their stocks prepared for military campaigns. In recent years, because of the increased needs of society in relocating  the material values, the logistics has been transformed into a modern science, that learns how to plan, organize, manage and control the movement of goods and the appeared information flows from their point of origin to final consumption.

The fundamental basis of our company is to follow the concept of logistics in organizing the delivery and in management of transportation process, in international and domestic communications. Our achievements in the field of transport services are the arrangements of the exclusive overall set of services to the customers:

  • International Air transport;
  • International Road transport;
  • Rail transport in Russia and the international;
  • Sea and river transport in cabotage and international;
  • International container transport;
  • Delivery of goods by combined transport;
  • Oversized and heavy cargoes transport;
  • International groupage cargo;
  • Customs clearance;
  • Storage services;
  • Cargo insurance.

Taking the logistics just as art and modern science, to each process of delivery, we are approaching comprehensive, fully appreciating the advantages and disadvantages of each possible route, offering a cargo owner only the best option consignment. The result of our work is always the delivery of the goods safe and on time.

We are open to cooperation with cargo owners and transport companies.

We will be glad to become Your reliable partner.

Sincerely Yours,

The Director-General V. Ivanov.