Sea and river transport


Sea and river transport

Transportation by water is the most ancient way of delivery cargoes from country to country. Everyone remembers in the course of a school history stories of the marine trade route “from the Vikings to the Greeks”. Delivery of cargoes by this route was fundamental to the progress of  Russia`s foreign trade relations with the other countries.

Since The Old Russia times a long period has gone the merchant fleet naturally have got the progress and reached a high technology level in its development. With the implementation of new container technology of delivery, launching new routes and building new generation ships, cargo transportation become possible to any marine port in the world.

In the realities of present day water transport is the economical method of delivery the cargoes by which it is possible to deliver the most oversized and heavy equipment from port to port. At the same time, the period of delivery of cargoes by water is long-lasting relatively to road and rail transport, what is caused by natural reasons – sinuosity of rivers, the need to drive around the continents, while the transport routes of competing modes of transport go directly.

JSC «CAPITAL TRANS»  provides a wide range of services in organization the cargo delivery by marine and river transport:

  • International container shipments;
  • International general cargo shipments;
  • International oversized and heavy cargoes transportation;
  • International transport of agricultural and construction equipment and machines;
  • Transshipment of cargoes through the ports Vostochnyi, Vladivostok, St. Petersburg, Novorossiysk, Kotka (Finland), Riga (Latvia), Tallinn (Estonia), Klaipeda (Lithuania);
  • Terminal handling of the cargoes in order to preparation for shipment;
  • Transportation of cargoes by inland waterways of Russia and Europe;
  • Chartering;
  • Transportation of IMO cargoes;
  • Storage in ports and port terminals;

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