Road transport


Road transport

Road transport – is a mobile and quick method of the cargo delivery. To the services of road transport usually apply when delivery of cargo in «door to door» connection required, when delivery of cargo to the consolidation warehouse or for delivery of cargo from the warehouse to the final place of consumption is required. The proportion of road transport in freight dispatches in Russia is about 75%. The obvious advantages of road transport comparatively to rail and marine modes of transport are in the short delivery period and in the ability to deliver cargo “from door to door”.

JSC «CAPITAL TRANS»  provides a wide range of services for the delivery of goods by road in international and in the inbound connections. We provide the following services:

  • Selection the rational type of vehicle for the carriage of cargo;
  • Road transport within Europe;
  • Road transport to Russia, the CIS countries, the EEU and the Middle East;
  • Road transport to Central Russia, Southern, Northern and Siberian regions of Russia;
  • Road transport from China through border crossings: Zabaikalsk (Russia) \ Manchuria (China); Dostyk (Kazakhstan) \ Alashankou (China); Altynkol (Kazakhstan) \ Khorgos (China);
  • Delivery of shipments by a single customs declaration;
  • Road transport of ADR cargoes;
  • Road transport of agricultural and construction machines;
  • International road transport of oversized and heavy equipment;
  • Contract road transport;
  • Road transport by small capacity trucks;
  • Export customs clearance in Europe;
  • Preparation of transport documents TIR and CMR;
  • Delivery of goods through the consolidation warehouses in Europe, China and Russia;
  • Convoy escort of the cargo;
  • Guarding the cargoes;
  • Trucking containers from railway stations of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Vladivostok railway nodes;
  • Ttrucking in Moscow and Moscow region, as well as in the regions of the Russian Federation;

For quotation the cost of road transportation, please fill the form of the on-line request or send an inquiry to [email protected] with maximum information about the cargo specifications and terms of delivery. Or please contact us by the phone: +7(495)128-78-88.