Project cargo transport


Project cargo transport

The transportation of cargoes the dimensions of which exceed generally accepted standards and that do not match for the transportation in standard sea container, in the standard trailer or being over the loading gauge on the rail are called the oversized and heavy cargo shipments.

The transportation of oversized and heavy cargoes is a complex mission, for its realization the skills and knowledge for a full-scale evaluation of the cargoes transport- technological characteristics and for the development of an optimal safe and economic route are required.

Specialists of JSC «CAPITAL TRANS» have the comprehensive professional background and realistic experience in delivering of the most complex oversized and heavy cargoes on international routes. We provide the following services related to transportation of the cargoes:

  • Delivery of oversized and heavy cargoes from Europe and CIS by road;
  • Obtaining permits to transport of oversized and heavy cargoes in Europe, CIS and Russia;
  • Support of oversized cargo moving under the air cable network;
  • Organizing the pass of the oversized and heavy cargoes through the railway crossing;
  • Evaluation the possibility of oversized and heavy cargo transportation thru the route;
  • Evaluation the road technical condition along the route for  transportation oversized and heavy cargoes;
  • Transportation of oversized and heavy cargoes by rail from China, Europe, CIS countries;
  • Evaluation the technical condition of the railroad along the route and the possibility of transportation the oversized and heavy cargo;
  • Organizing the pass of oversized and heavy cargoes by rail;
  • Producing the necessary equipment for the transport of heavy cargoes by rail;
  • Delivery of the oversized and heavy cargoes by sea, inland waterway and intermodal transport;
  • Transshipment of cargoes in ports;
  • Organization import and export  of cargoes thru the ports;
  • Survey services arrangement;
  • Loading and unloading heavy cargoes with special technical equipment.
  • Delivery of oversized and heavy cargoes by sea from China, other countries of South-East Asia, Europe, CIS countries;
  • Delivery of oversized and heavy cargoes by sea through the ports of St. Petersburg, Novorossiysk, Nakhodka, Vladivostok, Kotka (Finland), Riga (Latvia), Tallinn (Estonia), Klaipeda (Lithuania);
  • Import and export;

For quotation the cost of oversized or heavy cargo transportation, please fill the form of the on-line request or send an inquiry to [email protected] with maximum information about the cargo specifications and terms of delivery. Or please contact us by the phone: +7(495)128-78-88.