Air transport


Air transport

Air transport – it is the fastest and the safest way of delivery the cargoes. Air transport is usually used if needed urgent delivery, relocation of oversized and the high value cargoes. Advantages of air transport relative to traditional land-based modes are very noticeable in the delivery time primarily on routes from South-East Asia, Japan and the USA, and also from Europe to the regions of Siberia and the Far East of Russia.

JSC «CAPITAL TRANS» provides a full range of services related to aviation cargo transportation from anywhere in the world. We are pleased to offer the following services:

  • Pick up of the cargo from the shipper`s door;
  • Delivery the cargo to airport of departure;
  • Weighing and measuring the cargo;
  • Marking and packing the cargo;
  • Storage the cargo;
  • Consolidation the cargo;
  • Booking the place on the flight;
  • Issue of the airwaybill;
  • export customs clearance in the country of departure;
  • Organization of ground handling at the airport of departure and destination;
  • Delivery the cargo to the consignee`s warehouse;
  • Dispatch the cargo on domestic flights to cities in Russia;
  • Delivery of goods in a bonded customs regime;
  • Organization of the chartered flights on aircrafts such as IL-76, AN-124, AN-225, Boeing-747;
  • Production of the necessary equipment for loading, unloading, lashing of the cargo;
  • Delivery of cargo to any point on the globe on international flights;
  • Customs clearance in Russia;
  • Domestic and international air transportation;

We provide services in the airports: the Moscow air hub (Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo, Vnukovo), Pulkovo (St. Petersburg), Koltsovo (Yekaterinburg), Knevichi (Vladivostok)

The charter delivery of the oversized cargoes we provide to all airports that work with the cargo aircrafts, with further delivery of the cargo to final destination site.

For quotation the cost of air transportation, please fill the form of the on-line request or send an inquiry to [email protected] with maximum information about the cargo specifications and terms of delivery. Or please contact us by the phone: +7(495)128-78-88.